Servicio RGA - Mantenimiento Correctivo
Reconstrucción de maquinas mineras

What do we do?

At RGA we care about the activity of your operations, that is why we offer as a pillar the corrective maintenance service, which is divided into two types:

Types of Corrective Maintenance:
Unplanned corrective maintenance

Also known as unpredictable occurs when equipment actually suffers a breakdown that often results in downtime.

This unplanned maintenance can be the result of premature parts failure or failure to monitor equipment performance. Either way, it tends to be chaotic because repair procedures are emergency.

Planned corrective maintenance

Planned, or predicted, correction is the type that occurs when a drop in equipment performance is detected. Interventions are therefore non-emergency and can be scheduled.

However, while the machine is running at lower performance, it is lost in two ways. First, there is the drop in productivity due to poor performance. And finally, the machine in question is virtually a ticking time bomb, meaning it can stop at any time.

Corrective maintenance of machinery in Peru is usually planned but can also occur by managerial choice.

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