About the brand Sandvik

The online catalog presents the branded RGA parts and accessories of analog parts Sandvik. Know the part number of the required parts for a few seconds, you can find it on our site:

  • Components and mechanisms for power equipment;
  • Cylinders, hydraulic pumps and other units;
  • Stroke gears;
  • Rotating mechanism elements;
  • DTH hammers;
  • Drill pipe, rod, chisel, drill;
  • Fasteners;
  • Oil, fuel, air and air filters.

Components for mining equipment, as a rule, are available on request. All parts are quality controlled not only in the factory, but also in our company. Therefore, we can safely guarantee decent quality and strict compliance with the specific models of drilling rigs.

Large temperature fluctuations, heavy loads, work with the difficult terrain, industrial dust – all this is taken into account by designers and engineers in the creation and production of Sandvik drilling rigs. In addition to durable and reliable equipment, Sandvik manufactures spare parts and kit filters (special steel grades are used). Production of replaceable parts and assemblies is guided in correspondence with the same quality standards that apply to the manufacture of Sandvik drilling equipment.

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